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People with cognitive problems due to aquired brain injury or dementia are frequently dependent on other people to help them perform the tasks of daily living such as dressing and laundry.  

In many cases this is not because they cannot physically perform the tasks but because of problems remembering what to do and in what order to perform the individual actions required.   

Technology could potentially support people to do these tasks in a more independent way. GUIDE is a computer programme that has been developed to verbally prompt users through every day tasks.

Our on-going research is refining the design and testing the efficacy of the GUIDE.

The Chief Scientist's Office of the Scottish Government has funded a three year randomised control trial to test the efficacy of Guide. The project will determine whether a Guide system can facilitate performance and learning of laundry and dressing tasks in people with acquired brain injury.

The project will be completed by December 2014.

The project has three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Development phase

Phase 2: Testing phase

Phase 3: Randomised controlled trial to test the efficacy of Guide

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